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Hand Peeled Logs and Vegas

Peeled log production

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*Our peeled logs can be ordered in sizes from to 2" diameter, often used for hand rails, and up to 30" diameter, for things such as entrance ways. Graded or ungraded from 4" diameter up.

*Our hand peeled logs are actually peeled by hand, with a draw knife. These are not imitation hand peeled, which are done with an electric hand planer or a pole peeler. Our hand peeled logs have the true contours of a log. To us the choice of each log is an artistic decision.

*You can come to our log yard and personally select the exact size and appearance of the logs you would like to have peeled, or we can select them according to your specifications. We generally have large selection of logs to choose from in sizes up to 45' lengths.
-Ask about our collection of unique unpeeled logs.

*You also have the option of having flat surfaces sawn onto your logs for Vegas, corner posts, and ridge beams for a nominal cost.

*We can also half saw logs for steps, staircase runners, wall mounting and anything else.