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Our lumber is standard size rough lumber: Our lumber is normally cut to full size dimensions. For example a 2"x4" board is actually 2"x4" not the usual size of 1½" x 3½".

We sawmill orders of rough lumber to any dimensions with a minimum of 1"x1" and 8' long at a maximum of 20"x20" and 24' long.   - Order prices will always be no more expensive than standard size full dimension rough cut lumber, but can vary on the volume of the order and the availability of appropriate log stock.

Additionally, we stock 2" thick lumber in 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12" wide and from 8' to 16' lengths (in 2' increments).  Our rough cut 1" thick lumber is stocked in the same widths and legths.

*We grade our rough lumber under Timber Product Inspection rules but at an additional fee.

*The surface texture on the rough lumber varies according to whether they are sawn from dry logs, green logs, or frozen logs.

*You may order a circle sawn or band sawn surface, but standard prices apply to a mixture of the two.

*The moisture content of our rough sawn lumber can vary from 100% green lumber to a dry 6%.  We do not sort the lumber according to moisture content.  Pine is an open grain wood and will take or lose moisture fairly quickly depending on air temperature and humidity.

  • We do not kiln dry our lumber.
  • If you need a specific moisture content please bring your own moisture meter.