Types of siding available:

* Board and Bat siding - as used on traditional barns comes in board widths of 4" to 12" and bat widths as ordered with thickness as per your specs.

*Wane edged horizontal siding - which has a straight upper edge and bark along the lower edge, comes in widths of 6" to 14" and lengths to 16'. Thicknesses can be ordered from 1/2" to 2".

*Taper Sawn Horizontal Siding - is available by order from 6" to 12" wide and 1/4" to 2" thickness.

*Natural Log Siding - comes both peeled and not peeled. The widths and thickness can vary for each individual order, as such the price varies with thickness and width.  We can also make this siding with a natural log edge or a straight sawn edge.

*Slabed Log Siding - usually 2" thick by the width of the log and it will have a natural edge.  Often put up with chinking between for a timber log house look.

*Tongue and Groove siding - 5/4" in actual thickness; we make a finished siding in 5/4"  tongue and groove or a 3/4" finished  tongue and groove  in both 6" or 8" widths.

* Slab Siding - This is a byproduct therefore availability may be limited; we do not take orders on this material and is available on a first come first serve basis. See here for slab siding information.